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Current Transformer for Low Voltage
Model number: LMZ series Type: Indoor Coil number: 2Coil structure: Toroidal Phase: Single Structure: Busbar Going-thru Type
Outdoor Single Phase Current Transformer
Model number: LZZBW-10Type: OutdoorCoil structure: ToroidalRated voltage: 10kV
Fully Enclosed Current Transformer
Model number: LZZBJ4 Type: Indoor Rated secondary current: 5A or 1A Rated voltage: 35kV
Post Type Current Transformer
Model number: LZZBJ18-35WType: OutdoorWinding: Cooper Rated voltage: 35kVPhase: Single Insulated material: Epoxy resin
Indoor Single Phase Current Transformer
This type indoor single phase current transformer is casting resin fully enclosed insulated, post structure, with protective class. It apply to metering electric energy and current monitoring, relay protection in the electrical system of rated frequency 5
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